We leverage on our experience, judgement and sector expertise to offer our clients value-adding advice. We are rigorous and determined in pursuit of this aim.

We provide independent advice, free of conflicts of interest, covering all areas of M&A, including buy-side and sell-side advisory, as well as ongoing strategic advice to ensure that owners and managers are best placed to grow their businesses.

Whatever the nature of the advice provided, we always ensure that our clients benefit from the quality of our service, our experience and our knowledge of the sector.

Sell-side advisory

Understanding a business is fundamental to maximising its value on a sale process. Prior to the launch of any sale process we ensure that we have detailed and extensive knowledge of the business. We work closely with management teams to jointly craft the appropriate sale pitch for both buyers and potential financing entities. Our sector experience and international presence are key elements in this process.

Although a successful sale process just needs one interested bidder, it is preferred to count on a certain number of avid buyers with available funds. Our presence in Europe, the US and Asia through our partnership with DC Advisory / Daiwa enables us to identify and engage with the best international buyers.

Our creativity, flexibility and independence also enables us to simultaneously analyze all possible alternatives presented, such as a divestiture, an IPO or a recapitalisation, in order to provide our clients with the most appropriate solution. Our execution expertise covers all potential outcomes.

Buy-side advisory

In buy-side advice, industry knowledge and the ability to analyze the business are equally crucial. Throughout the process, we work intensively with our client to identify business potential, determine its value, and decide on the strategy regarding the price.

During recent years, Montalbán has successfully advised numerous funds and private equity firms, both in competitive and proprietary bidding processes. The experience and market knowledge gained have made us the reference advisor of our clients.

In buy-side processes, the debt advisory team is often a fundamental part due to its capacity to design optimal financing solutions and raise funds in a short period of time, without being limited by any financial or alternative lender, which is a decisive factor of our independence and objectivity.

Montalbán has an advisory team specializing in refinancing processes and optimization of the capital structure

The increasing complexity of the relations of companies with their financial creditors (banks, debt funds, etc.) requires advisory teams with experience in managing financial distress situations in which different stakeholders coexist with divergent interests. Therefore, we are helping both companies with an excess of leverage and financial institutions to seek long-term solutions that allow accommodating the interests of both parties.

Moreover, credit restrictions have opened new opportunities for private financing for companies, which results in a wide range of alternatives (funds of junior or senior debt, mezzanine, hybrid financing, etc.). In this respect, our debt advisory team is helping to structure and attract funds for new financing for companies (capex, asset based lending, etc.) or its shareholders (recapitalisation, acquisition financing, etc.).

Montalbán is positioned to provide a dedicated service of independent advice and high added value

Montalbán’s team has acted as independent advisor in IPO processes, fund raising in capital markets and block-trades of listed companies.

The directors of Montalbán have broad experience, supported by long professional backgrounds covering more than 15 IPOs in Spain, developing roles of high responsibility.

As we are not brokers, we are free from potential conflicts of interest arising from this activity. We are able to offer advice to our customers’ best interests. Our role comprises:

  • Reducing tensions and conflicts of interest that arise in these processes between the coordinating bank and the shareholders.
  • Reducing tensions and conflicts that emerge regarding auditors and lawyers of the operation.
  • Minimizing resources allocated by the Company, allowing it to focus efforts on the most important decisions.
  • Providing an experienced point of view, and value-added information for making all the key decisions throughout the process. Providing opinions in order to synthesizing recommendations from the coordinating bank in order to reach consensus and proffer a joint decision that meets the interests of the Company.

IPO processes are characterized by very intensive workloads and demanding deadlines, requiring highly specialized expertise and perfect coordination amongst working parties. In these processes, independent financial advisory provides additional resources for the Company, with the necessary technical knowledge and broad experience in capital markets, to ensure meeting the deadlines in the operation calendar.

Montalbán proffers its clients with experience and sector knowledge in all relevant situations within the context of independent financial advisory.

We help our clients develop valuation and business plan analyses for companies and projects, shareholder and BOD reports, both public and private, providing a fairness opinion with regards to certain corporate transactions, such as capital increases, shares exchange ratios, debt capitalizations, etc.

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